Helicopters V’s Drone Filming

There is a lot of discussion in regards to whether a helicopter is more suitable than a drone for filming?

We are fortunate to work in both the UAV industry as an operator but also our sister company Charter-a Ltd charter helicopters for private travel and for filming.

Helicopters are great, if you have the budget although they are limited to the minimum height they can be flown and if you are using a handheld camera with the doors off stability can be an issue.

The average hourly rate on a helicopter is ¬£1500.00 per hour and you only get to see what’s been filmed after the event, and if your not happy then your subject to more flying = more costs

Whereas the drone hire is generally booked at a full or half day, flying low level or up to 400ft giving you a live feed so you can see what’s being filmed instantly. If your not happy with the footage we just doing it again.

The costs are fixed for the drone aerial filming and you will know upon quotation whether it fits within your budget, whereas a helicopter hire fees can spiral out of control if you need to stay in the air to get what you want.

Drone, UAV, Quadcopter & Octocopter Hire

iSkyUAV are the¬†professional drone hire specialists covering the UK. We operate under CAA and BNUC’s regulations and use the latest drones and photographic and imaging equipment.

Our team of drone pilots, operational planners and drone logistics staff mean that hiring one of our drones means that you will reach the places other drones cannot reach.

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Regular drone hire operating areas – Manchester, London, Southampton, Glasgow, Newquay, Cambridge, Oxford, Lingfield, Ascot, Silverstone, Newcastle, Birmingham, Cardiff, Swansea, Edinburgh, Durham, Coventry, Reading, Bournemouth, Brighton, Portsmouth, Dover, Ashford, Folkstone, Newport, Plymouth, Torquay, Norwich, Nottingham, Derby, Sheffield, Leeds to name but a few areas in which our octocopter, drones and UAV’s fly to conduct filming, surveys, photography, inspections, mapping, marketing missions and all other aerial filming requirements.